Integration with Zapier


Zapier is a SaaS automation platform that helps build workflows across applications. Each application with peculiar specialization listed on the platform provides a list of triggers and actions. Users of Zapier can choose the app triggers and actions to configure workflows without writing a single line of code. Zapier hosts 3000+ such applications for integrations.

How Zapier works

Let us understand how Zapier works by referring to a simple example.

If you want to receive an SMS notification for an email received on Gmail, you will have to do the following:

  1. Select Gmail as the source application and configure a filter to select the mail.
  2. In the action section, you can configure any of the SMS providers listed on Zapier to send out the SMS

All this is done with just a few clicks and without writing any code.

Ideolve on Zapier

You can use the Ideolve Integration on Zapier in the Actions section to automatically create notes on Ideolve.

Check the Ideolve app on Zapier.

A sample use case

Let's look at a use case that we use at Mithi.

At Mithi, anyone who wishes to join our team can refer to the openings on the website and then fill up a form with their application details.

This form is implemented using simple Google forms. The form helps us collect application data.

Using Zapier, every new candidate application submitted via Google form generates a trigger, and a new note with the candidate's details is created on Ideolve in a separate workspace.

The Mithi team then uses this note to collect information and communicate with team members as they process the application.

As the feedback is all attached to a single note, it eases the information sharing and evaluation process helping make faster and informed hiring decisions.

The flow is illustrated in the figure below.

How can the Ideolve Zapier integration benefit you?

If you are using Google forms for any workflow, you can use the integration to share the information with the team members.

You can also enable other workflows by collecting data from other applications listed in the Forms & Surveys applications listed in Zapier.