Integration with Zapier


Zapier is a SaaS automation platform that helps build workflows across applications. Each application with a peculiar specialization listed on the platform provides a list of triggers and actions. Users of Zapier can choose the app triggers and actions to configure workflows without writing a single line of code. Zapier hosts 3000+ such applications for integrations.

Ideolve on Zapier

A lot of your business processes require you to work on information collected from different sources. For example, if you are collecting information from your employees, customers, or partners using any one of the form applications, this data can be converted into Ideolve notes for further process using team collaboration.

Ideolve Integration on Zapier can be used in the Actions sections to create Notes on Ideolve. These notes can be shared with workspace members for further analysis and processing.

Getting Started 

The process to integrate ANY application using Zapier is simple. It involves the following steps:

  1. Choose the source app from which you want to collect data into Ideolve
  2. Choose the trigger on the source
  3. Choose the data set that has to be uploaded to the Ideolve note
  4. Select the Action - Create Note on Ideolve. In the form which comes up, specify details such as Note title, contents, workspace etc.
  5. Save the Zap

Sample integrations

  1. Example of collecting data from a Google form into Ideolve notes
  2. Example of collecting data from a Zoho form into Ideolve notes
  3. Example of collecting data from a Google Spreadsheet filled using a Google form into Ideolve notes
  4. Example of collecting data from a Jotform into Ideolve notes