Backup Freshdesk Solutions to your own S3 bucket


  • Freshdesk Solutions contain critical information about your products and services and needs to be backed up to protect from accidental or malicious delete or corruption.
  • Using the LegacyFlo FRESHDESK-S3-ZIP request type, you can now backup Freshdesk Solution Articles to a S3 bucket in your AWS account.

Step 1: Preparing your S3 bucket

A. Create an S3 bucket on AWS

Note: We recommend that you use a single S3 bucket in your AWS account to receive LegacyFlo request output.

Create your S3 bucket in a supported region and allow list and write access to LegacyFlo. The steps for the same are given in the links below:

  1. Get an AWS account.
  2. Create an S3 bucket in a region supported by Mithi. 
  3. Allow list and write access to LegacyFlo.

B. Register your S3 bucket as a destination S3 bucket on LegacyFlo

For LegacyFlo to upload data to your S3 bucket, it needs to be added to as a destination S3 bucket in LegacyFlo. The steps for doing the same are as given below:

Note: This step has to be done only once for each destination bucket.

  1. Login to LegacyFlo
  2. Select Add Request
  3. On the left pane,
    1. Give a dummy title 
    2. Select MITHI-S3-ZIP as the Request Type
  4. In the section on Destination Information
    1. Click the [+] icon next to S3 Bucket Name
    2. On the Prepare Bucket page, you will be shown the list of steps to be completed to create and grant access to the S3 bucket. Confirm that you have done as instructed and click on I confirm that the above configuration is complete.
    3. Click Continue
    4. On the Configure, Verify & Save page,  give the Bucket Name and select the Bucket Region.
    5. Click Verify. LegacyFlo will check the access to the bucket.
    6. If LegacyFlo cannot access the bucket, you will be shown an error message similar to All access to this object has been disabled. Check S3 access rights and name and retry.
    7. If the connection is successful then click on Save. LegacyFlo will remember this S3 for further requests.

Step 2: Registering the Freshdesk Access key and Access URL with LegacyFlo

To allow LegacyFlo to access and backup the Freshdesk Solution Articles, the following information has to be registered with LegacyFlo

  1. The Freshdesk URL that is used for your account.
  2. The Freshdesk account id. This account id is used to generate the API key and also must have access to the Solutions section in Freshdesk
  3. The API access key. Refer to this link on how to get the key from Freskdesk

This information has to be shared with the Mithi Support team for registration in LegacyFlo. 

Step 3: Submitting a LegacyFlo request

You can submit requests to backup Freshdesk Solution articles using the LegacyFlo interface.

The request type to be used is FRESHDESK-S3-ZIP.

The parameters for the request are as follows:

Source Information

User IDLegacyFlo login id. This will be pre-filled."john"
DomainLegacyFlo Domain name. This will be pre-filled.""

Other Information

Send report toA valid email id to which status reports are

Destination Information



S3 bucket nameThis is the name of the S3 bucket in your account which will hold the output of the LegacyFlo request

NOTE: Refer to the steps here to prepare your own S3 bucket to receive LegacyFlo output
S3 folder pathThe folder created on your S3 bucket for the outputGDrivebackup, FreshdeskSolution
File nameThe destination filename will have the result of the LegacyFlo job.