Login to the self service portal of Vaultastic

End users can have access to the self service portal on Vaultastic to view the archived mail.

  1. Enter the URL https://{Domain-name}.vaultastic.com/ in the browser address bar, replacing domain name with the your domain. For example, if your primary email domain is acmecorp.com, the Vaultastic URL for your domain will be acmecorp-com.vaultastic.com. In case of doubt, contact your system administrator.

  2. On the login page you have to enter your user id and password. 

  3. Your Vaultastic id will be the same as the one on the primary domain. For example, if your email id is john.smith@acmecorp.com, then your Vaultastic id will be john.smith@acmecorp-com.vaultastic.com. On the login page, enter only the user id. In the example above, it will be john.smith.

  4. If you are logging in for the first time or have forgotten your Vaultastic account password, use the forgot pass link to set a new password. Enter the  password.

  5. For enhanced security, your domain administrator might have enabled a Captcha image on the login page. Enter the characters seen in the image.

  6. Click on the Login button.

  1. The self service portal shows the archived mail in two views, viz., the Archive view (available for all Vaultastic plans) and the eDiscovery view (available for Tracer, Durability and Hold plans).

  2. On successful login, you will be taken to the Archive view of the Self Service portal.