Enable email archiving for users on other imap server

To archive mail from your mail server to Vaultastic, simply add journaling or mail routing rules to forward a copy of incoming and outgoing mail to the corresponding user id on the vaultastic domain.

For example,

If your primary domain is acmecorp.com, and you wish to archive for john.smith@acmecorp.com, then the journaling rule should send a copy of all mail received and sent by john.smith@acmecorp.com to john.smith@acmecorp-com.vaultastic.com.

In case you have additional queries or need assistance, write to us at support@.vaultastic.com.

Vaultastic does not support email archiving for email ids hosted on public email networks such as Yahoo, Gmail, Rediff etc.

Vaultastic supports connectors for your domains hosted on GSuite/Gapps, O365, Hosted Exchange etc.