Journal/copy live mail from Primary mail server to Active Store

Configure your primary email server to archive live mail

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Configure mail routing rules in Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to forward copies of incoming and outgoing mail of the selected or all users to the Vaultastic servers using 3 simple steps.

Microsoft 365 or Office 365

Configure your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 domain to archive emails using journaling from your primary email domain to Vaultastic using three simple steps.

SkyConnect or ConnectXf

Configure SkyConnect user and domain propertiess to archive mail on Vaultastic.


Easy steps to configure Exchange 2013 / 2010 / 2007 to archive mail to Vaultastic server.


Learn to configure journaling for the users of Zimbra (Paid/Open Source) to archive mail to Vaultastic


Archive mail from a MDeamon server to Vaultastic using the journaling feature of MDeamon.

Lotus Domino

Configure Lotus Domain to archive mail to Vaultastic.

Postfix Email Server

Follow the two simple steps to configure Postfix to journal mail to vaultastic.


Enable archiving for MailEnable users using a three steps process.


Follow the 2 steps to journal mail from CPanel to Vaultastic


Configure SalesForce to archive outgoing email to Vaultastic.


Configure the BCC settings in Sendgrid server to journal mail in Vaultastic

Amazon Workmail

Learn to set up journaling in Amazon Workmail to record email communication in Vaultastic


Configure your IMail domain to archive mail from your primary email domain to Vaultastic.

Zoho Mail

Steps to configure Zoho Mail to send a copy of all incoming and outgoing mail when the Incoming and Outgoing Rules have been enabled for your Zoho tenants


The steps to configure live mail archiving from IceWarp servers to Vaultastic Active Store


Your email server not listed here? Follow the steps in this section to archive mail in Vaultastic.