How to improve battery life of my mobile?

There are various factors which affects the battery life of mobile devices.
This topic gives you few options to save the battery and some links on internet where you can find more tips on saving battery of your mobile.

  1. Disable the auto-sync option for a specific/ all the accounts configured on your mobile
    Prevent your phone from unnecessarily syncing data by disabling auto-sync option for specific or all the accounts configured on your mobile.

    For example, Google account configured on your mobile is set to sync automatically by default. These accounts keep syncing in the background continuously and eating your mobile battery without your knowledge. So, if not required you can disable the auto-sync option and prefer to sync the account manually.

    Keep in mind if you turn off the auto-sync option,
    – Your apps won’t automatically refresh with recent information and you won’t get notifications about updates.
    – You need to sync your data manually only when you want to.

    Disable the Auto-sync option from the Settings option on your device.

  2. Configure settings in your email/calendar account so that Android will fetch data less frequently
    If you choose to fetch data for every 15 minutes, Android will wake up every 15 minutes for that. This could affect the battery life of the your mobile. So, you can increase the battery life by choosing appropriate time period to fetch the data from server.
  3. Tips to save/improve the battery life of your mobile device

    Follow the links below for some tips to improve the battery life of your mobile device.

How to access help to configure a mobile device? 

Steps to access help to configure a mobile device

  1. Login to Baya with valid credentials.
  2. Click the Help button on the top pane.
  3. Choose the Mobile option.
  4. Choose the SkyConnect application (Email, Contacts, Calendar, or Chat) to be configured on your mobile device. 
  5. Note down the credentials and server details to be used for configuration.
  6. Choose the platform (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, etc. ) to view step-by-step instructions.

"Email security not guaranteed" error received when configuring email account in Gmail app on Android.

You may receive this error if  your Android device is unable to recognize the SSL certificate on the server when configuring Outgoing Server Settings.

To resolve this error, you need to update the Security Type to STARTTLS (accept all certificates) option as shown in the following screenshot.