Secure Vaultastic Account using 2 factor authentication


The working of the login for domains with the Two-factor Atuthentication (2FA) enabled is as follows:

  • If 2FA is enabled for a user, then the user trying to log into Vaultastic will be prompted for the user ID on the login page. 

  • After the user provides the user ID and submits Next, the OTP will be generated and sent to the user either via an SMS, or email, or both depending on whether valid property values set for each of those mediums. 

  • A password and an OTP input field will be visible to user where the user should provide the corresponding values. 

  • In case the user does not receive an OTP on either the email id or mobile, the user can click on 'Resend OTP' to generate a new OTP.  

  • For successful login, the user has to provide a valid password and OTP. If either is incorrect, the login will fail, and the user will be navigated back to the login page.

Configure Two-factor Authentication for your domain

  1. Log in to the Vaultastic application using Vault ID with the admin rights.

  2. Navigate to the Admin Panel > Vaultastic Domain > Security

  3. Toggle the 2FA switch to enable or disable the 2FA feature for all the vaults of the domain.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication for the vaults on your domain

  • Log in to the Vaultastic Application using a Vault ID with administrative credentials

  • From the left pane, select Vaultastic Domain > Vaults

  • Select the Vault ID from the list shown in the middle pane

  • In the right pane, expand the Security section.   

    • Toggle the Enable 2FA switch to enable/disable the 2FA for the user.

    • Click on Save to update the 2FA status of the Vault.

    • When 2FA is enabled, the OTP will be sent to the primary email id and/or the company mobile number. If more than one company mobile number is specified, the last one entered (shown on top of the list), will be used.