Vaultastic Ver

30th November 2021

Revision information

Vaultastic V4, version

New Features

Automated storage management to boost productivity and optimize costs

Vaultastic provides tools and services to help you manage your email data along the complete data lifecycle. 

Active and frequently used data is placed in the Vaultastic Active (Hot) store and is accessed using the ediscovery application. You have the option to move infrequently used and aging data to the Vaultastic Inactive (cold) store for long-term preservation. 

Before this release, the process of moving aging data from the Active to Inactive store was a manual process run at scheduled intervals. This activity required manual effort and tracking, potentially making the outcome inconsistent.

We automated this critical process in Vaultastic version 4.5 to boost productivity and reduce the chances of human-induced errors. 

Automatic storage management with Vaultastic

The setup requires you to perform two simple steps once and then monitor the progress via alerts. 

1. Enable automatic storage management

2. Decide the retention period of email data on the Active store as per your use case.

On an ongoing basis, if any user is under the legal scanner, you can mark that user's vault as "Legal hold." This option will ensure that the automatic movement of data from the Active to the Inactive store will skip the users marked with "legal hold" and retain their data on the Active store for easy on-demand discovery.

Legal Hold with Vaultastic

Major uses

  1. Optimize costs by parking infrequently used data in an inactive (cold) store 
  2. Boost productivity by eliminating the need to perform this process manually. 
  3. In litigation management of actively used data.

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