Open Store Audit Trail Dashboard


When a user accesses the Vaultastic Open Store using admin privileges, he is allowed to delete or download the files from the Inactive Store depending on the role assigned to him.

The Vaultastic Open Store Audit Trails Dashboard will list all the delete and download operations performed on the selected date.

Accessing the Open Store Audit Trails Dashboard

Login to your Vaultastic domain using an id with admin rights. By default, the postmaster id of your Vaultastic domain has admin rights.

From the Application switch on the left, click on the icon for the Open Store Audit Trails Dashboard.

The dashboard will be launched in a new browser tab.

Using the dashboard to monitor the delete and download operations on the Open Store 

From the top right corner of the dashboard, select the domain from the drop-down list

Select the date from the control on the left. 

On selecting the date, all the delete and download operations performed on that day will be listed. The following details are available in the table.

TimestampThe date and time of the operation
Name of the fileThe name of the file which was downloaded or deleted
Size of the fileThe size of the file
ActionAction taken - the dashboard will show the delete and download actions
UserThe login id used to access the Vaultastic Open Store and perform the operation.

Note: To download the details, click on the download icon next to the title