Subscriptions and License details


This application allows you to view information about the Saas services (SkyConnect, Vaultastic, LegacyFlo) you have subscribed to from Mithi's cloud platform.

Access the Subscriptions and license app 

  1. Login to the Mithi Customer Account using the id of a Contact with any role.  
  2. From the options on the Application switch, click on My Subscriptions & License. Application to view your subscriptions & license details will be displayed.

View your Subscriptions & License details

  1. The successful login to the Mithi customer account > My Subscriptions & License app will show the services you have subscribed to in a tabular format.
  2. My Subscription table will show the following details for each service 
    • Service 
    • Purchased quantities 
    • Payment agreement 
    • Subscription valid till Status 
    • PO number
  3. My License table will show the 
    • Service you have subscribed to
    • License validity date
    • Status of the service