Mithi Customer Account Overview


The Mithi Customer Account is used to manage your subscriptions of Mithi products and services. The applications included are the Contact Management, Order Book, Payment & License History and Notifications. 

The Mithi Customer Account can also be used to navigate to the Helpdesk, Bill desk and the self help documentation and payment gateway.

The applications visible to users of the Mithi Customer Account depend on the role assigned to the user for the Organization. For example, if you login with the credentials of a contact registered with the Primary role, you can access the Contact Management application. For details of the contacts and roles available, refer to this document.

Difference between Mithi Customer Account Version 1 and 2

The Mithi Customer Account Version 2 will be launched in February 2024. The primary reason for the upgrade is an updated backend architecture ensuring better performance, availability and security. In addition, the new version allows multiple organizations to be managed by a single account. The other improvements and differences in the two versions are as listed in the table below.

Version 1Version 2
Reset Password
Update Display name

Contact Management

Max number of Contacts per org55
Same email id used across orgs

Contact Verification

Delete Contact

Role Management

Number of roles34
Same id having multiple roles

One role assigned to muliple contacts in an org

One id having different roles in diff orgs


Pinned Notifications

Notification categories

Top notifications on home page

Organization Management

Rename Organization

Switch between your organizations

Order Book

Current subscriptions

Order History

License Management

Current license status

License History

Search through license history

Request license extension

View license updates by Mithi team

Record Payments

Record payment form

Payment record history

View associated documents

Search through payment records

View payment record updates by Mithi team

Payment gateway

Self Help Documentation

Product Usage dashboard


Access available for contact with billing role



Access available for contact with support role