License Extension


This application allows you to extend the product licenses automatically on submitting a request. 

You can request for license extension under any of the following circumstances:

  • If your renewal of any service is delayed
  • If you need more time to clear the payments for overdue invoices
  • If your free trial is expired and you would like to extend it.

On successful submission of a request,

  • The license will be extended by one calendar day to allow you the space to close the pending renewal or make the pending payment or continue your evaluation
  • The product screens will reflect the updated license within 2 hours of request submission.

Your request will be rejected if,

  • You have already availed of this facility twice in the last 90 days
  • The product license has not expired.

Access the License Extension App

  1. Log in to the Mithi Customer Account. Application is visible to the user id of Contacts with Primary, Billing, Technical role.
  2. From the options on the Application switch, click on Request License Extension. License Extension application will be displayed.

View the request submission history

  1. On access to the application, the requests submitted will be listed in tabular format, with the latest being on top.
  2. Each request submitted will show the following details
    1. The product for which the request was submitted
    2. The date on which the request was made
    3. The reason
    4. Additional Information provided to describe the reason
    5. Who Initiated The Request 
    6. Status of the request 
    7. The message explaining the status of the request
    8. License expiry date 

Submit a request for a license extension

  1. To submit a request, click on the Request For License Extension button. 
  2. On the Request for License Extension form,
    1. Choose the product from the list
    2. Choose the reason to extend the license
    3. Give a brief description
    4. Submit the request
    5. Your request will be added to the top of the table
    6. The status of your request will show Pending 
    7. You will receive an email once your request has been processed, OR you can check for the status in a few minutes.