Manage group members in ClrStream

Accessing the Manage Group Members dialog box

  1. Login to the Admin Panel. From the left pane, select the SkyConnect domain from the list of domains. Click the Groups option.
  2. The middle pane will show the list of groups in the domain.  To search for a group, enter the group id in the Quick search box on the top of the middle pane and click on the Search icon.
  3. The search results are shown in the list. Click on the group to show the user properties in the right pane.
  4. Click on the Members icon to open the Manage Group Members dialog box. Using this dialog, you can manage the group membership as explained below.

Add or delete members using the Shared Address Book

  1. On the left pane of the Manage Group Members dialog, the shared address book for your domain is displayed. This will display all the users, group ids and contacts in your domain.
  2. To add one or more users, groups or contacts as members of this group, 
    1. Select the id by clicking on the check box next to it. 
    2. Click on the + icon
    3. Click Save
  3. Ids already present in the group are highlighted. To remove an id from the group, 
    1. Select the id by clicking on the check box next to it. 
    2. Click on the - icon
    3. Click Save
  4. The status of your request will be shown on the dialog.
  5. Click Done to exit the dialog.

Add members manually

  1. Select the Add User to Group icon on the top right corner
  2. On the Add Members window, provide the display name and the email id of the group member. Click the + sign to enter the record. Repeat the steps to add more members.
  3. When done adding all the member details, click Continue to validate the input.
  4. The validation results are displayed. Click Add to add the group members.
  5. Click Done to exit the pop-up.
  6. Click Save to save the changes.
Note: If you add ids which do not belong to your domain, they will be automatically added as Contacts in the Shared address book of your domain.

Add members from a CSV

The group member list can also be populated from a CSV file.

Step 1: Create the CSV

Exporting the list from another group

The CSV file generated by [exporting the list of members of another group] will have only two columns, viz. the name of the group and the member id.

When importing such a file, don’t forget to change the group name in the first column and make necessary edits to the list of member ids.

Exporting a list of shared or personal contacts

The CSV file generated from the contacts application is more elaborate and has a lot of columns. When importing such a file, only the Mail column will be used when updating the group membership.

Manually creating a file using a spread sheet or a text editor

A manually created CSV file should have only two columns, the group name in the first and the second column will have the member id.

Step 2: Add members using CSV

  1. Select the  Import Members to Group icon on the top right corner.
  2. Choose the CSV file type from the following:
    1. Baya AddressBook CSV : A CSV file exported from Baya Contacts application.
    2. Group Members CSV : A CSV file exported from Group Membership Management interface or created manually.
  3. Select the CSV file from your desktop.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. In the first pass, the CSV contents are validated and the validation results displayed.
  6. Click Import to proceed.
  7. The new members are created and the status is displayed.
  8. Click Done to exit the pop-up.