Record Payment


Typically, when you make a payment, it may take up to three working days to find and apply your payment to your account. Use this app to prevent the lag in updating our records and keeping your subscription active after you have made a payment (more so, when you are very close to or have crossed the subscription end date).

After you have paid the outstanding invoices, record your payment to inform us via this app. As soon as you submit the payment details, the system will automatically update your license for five calendar days to prevent any disruption in your use of our service. Meanwhile, our teams will locate your payment and apply it to your account while updating the license period.

Access the Record Payment app

  1. Login to the Mithi Customer Account using the id of a Contact with a Billing or Primary Role. Application is visible to the user id of Contacts with Primary, Billing role. 
  2. From the options on the Application switch, click on Record Payment Details. Application to view your payments or record payment will be displayed.

View your Payment Record history

  1. On access to the application, the payment record history will be listed in tabular format, with the latest being on top.
  2. Each payment record will show the following details.
    1. The date on which the record payment request was made
    2. Invoice number for which payment was made
    3. Amount Paid against the invoice in INR or USD currency 
    4. Amount deducted as tax
    5. The method of payment used for the transaction with supporting proof of payment
    6. Additional information shared
    7. Status of the request to record the payment 
    8. License expiry date 
    9. The message explaining the status of the request

Submit a request to record the payment

  1. To submit a request, click on the Record a Payment you made button. 
  2. On the Record Payment form, provide all the mandatory information
    1. Invoice number for which payment was made
    2. Invoice date
    3. Amount paid in INR or USD against the invoice
    4. In case of tax deducted, provide the amount withheld
    5. Choose the method of payment
    6. Upload the receipt of the payment as proof
    7. Share comments explaining payment details
    8. Update the payment
    9. Your request will be added to the top of the table
    10. The status of your request will show pending
    11. You will receive an email once your request has been processed, OR you can check for the status in a few minutes.