Step 1: ClrStream domain provisioning

Request for the domain to be provisioned

To provision your domain raise a ticket to the Mithi Support team with the Subject as "Request for provisioning a ClrStream domain".

The following information is required to provision the domain:

1. Domain name

2. The Host name or IP address of the mail server where the incoming mail have to be forwarded.

3. The Host name of IP address of the mail and applications servers who will route outbound mail.

Typically, domain provisioning will take one working day.  

Integrate with your setup

Once the domain is provisioned, you will receive the following details:

a. The IP address or hostname for the servers you will receive inbound mail from.

Make sure that you can receive mail from these addresses on port 25 to your mail servers.

b. The IP address or hostname for the servers which will receive outbound mail from your internal mail and application servers.

Make sure that your internal mail and application servers can route mail via these servers over port 25.

c. The URL of the web client for accessing the secondary mail boxes.

Make sure this URL is accessible from all the end points from all your offices.

d. The list of entries to be made in the DNS server for Go live.

This information will be used to go live with ClrStream Basic or Continuity and is explained in the section on Go Live.