Trend HES

Quarantine Management Console for End Users on Trend HES


Manage quarantine using the Email Digest
As an user, you will receive an email digest giving a list of email messages quarantined as per rules configured on the Secure Mail flow system. (The frequency and schedule of the digest is controlled by your domain administrator.) ...
Using the End User Quarantine Console
The End user Quarantine console of the Secure Mail Flow system allows you to view and manage your quarantined email messages. Use the following web address for your region to access the End User Quarantine console: https://euq.hes.tren...
Manage multiple End User Quarantine accounts
The Secure Mail flow service actively protects your mailbox by quarantining spam and other unwanted email. Quarantined messages are blocked before delivery to your email account. To see the quarantined messages for the last...