• Email notifications will be sent to all the Contacts registered via the Mithi Customer Account.
  • In addition, registered users can log in to the Customer Account to check the last 50 notifications. 

Accessing the Notifications

  • To access the notifications meant for you, login to the account using your credentials and click on the bell icon in the left pane.
  • If you have unread notifications, this will be highlighted via a red dot on the bell icon.
  • The notifications will be sorted with the latest notification on the top.
  • You can filter the notifications using the drop down on top. By default all the notifications will be shown.


  • You will see only the latest 50 notifications meant for you. 
  • Notifications sent prior to 15th Sep 2021 will not be visible in the application. Only notifications sent after 15th Sep 2021 will be visible.