Migrate email data from Other IMAP Servers

Using the Historical Data Upload Application, you can migrate data from email accounts on any IMAP server using the IMAP protocol.

Click here to know the pre-requistes for using IMAP to migrate data.

In the application, a separate job has to be defined for each account whose data is to be migrated. The sections below describe the job parameters. 

Other IMAP Job Parameters

When defining jobs to upload email data, the Job type to be selected is IMAP

The parameters to be used when creating the job are as defined in the table below:

Source user id User id on source domain whose data needs to be imported
(Note: The id should not contain the domain name.)
Source Domain Source domain on your server baya.com
Source user password Password of the user on the source domain
Source server IP address or host name of the source domain baya.mithiskyconnect.com
Source Server Port

Port on the source server for connection

The default port used for connection is 143 which can be changed if required.

Destination user id The user id on the destination Vaultastic.
(Note: The id should not contain the domain name.)
Destination domain Destination domain on Vaultastic. baya-com.vaultastic.com
Destination user password Password of the user on Vaultastic
Destination server Hostname for the domain on Vaultastic baya-com.vaultastic.com
Destination folder Name of the destination folder to be created in the Vaultastic account. Mail will be imported in this folder. This folder will be displayed under INBOX.historical_data.${DESTFOLDER}

 DO NOT use the following reserved names for the name of a Destination folder. (Drafts, Trash, Spam, Chat, Quarantine, Archive).
Send report to mail id Email address which will get the notification after the import is completed. postmaster@baya.com
Since Date The date from which you want to sync the data. 2017-09-25
Before Date The date upto which you want to sync the data. 2018-09-24

CSV format for bulk IMAP job creation

To upload data of multiple users by importing a CSV file

Create a CSV file with a list of all the users and other details required to upload data. First row of the CSV file should contain field names and from second row provide the list of users and their details.


IMAP,Upload Data John Smith,john,baya-com.vaultastic.com,password,baya-com.vaultastic.com,Data26092018,postmaster@baya.com,john,baya.com,password,baya.mithiskyconnect.com, 143,25-Sep-2017,24-Sep-2018