Using the Inactive Storage App

Searching through the Vaultastic Inactive Store

  • To filter the results, click on Fetch Files. An advance search pop-up will allow you to define criteria such as filename, size, and creation date.
  • You can search using file names. Select an operator from the drop-down list and the text value.
  • You can search for files with sizes within the given range by specifying the min and max values.
  • Dates can be specified in three ways. You can select from a predefined range, select a date or a date range.
  • To clear the entire form click on Clear All. To clear specific criteria, click on the clear button next to it.
  • Clicking on Fetch will fetch the file details of files matching the search criteria.
  • To search within the fetched files using the filename, enter the search string in the edit box.

Quick search using the meta data files

  • If the data to the Inactive Store has been migrated from the Active Store using LegacyFlo jobs VV4-MOVETOINACTIVE-EML, VV4-MOVETOINACTIVE-PST, VAULTASTIC4-S3-PST or VAULTASTIC4-S3-ZIP, then each data file has a corresponding meta data file in the CSV format.
  • The CSV file will contain the list of the mail in the corresponding data file.  For each mail in the data file, its date, sender, list of recipients and subject will be available in the CSV in addition to some other information.
  • To save cost and time to search through the data files on the Inactive Store, it is recommended that the CSV files are first download to identify the exact data file which has the required data. Once the data file is thus identified, it can be downloaded or its content moved to a vault in the Active Store.

Deleting files from the store

  • Clicking the Delete icon at the end of the row will delete the file permanently from the store. 
  • Selecting more than one file will show the Delete Selected option in the Actions pane. Click the Delete Selected button to remove files from the store.
  • As the deleting action is irreversible, ensure before deleting any file from the store.

Downloading files from the Inactive Store 

  • Clicking the Download icon at the end of the row will download the file to the machine.
  • Selecting more than one file will show the Download Selected option in the Actions pane. Click the Download Selected button to download files from the store to your machine. When downloading multiple files, a single zip file is downloaded.
  • The blue (D) icon will be shown next to the file name indicating the file has been downloaded in the current session.

Uploading files to the Inactive Store

  • Click on the Upload button to upload files
  • Select all the required files to be uploaded to the store. Selected files will be listed with their sizes (in brackets).
  • The total number of files selected and the cumulative size is shown at the top of the list
  • Clicking the cross icon at the end of the file will remove that file from the list. Click Clear all in case if you want to start over selecting files to be uploaded.
  • Click the Upload button to upload all the selected files to the inactive store.
  • The uploaded files will be shown in the Files view with (N) icon indicating the file has been uploaded in the current session.

Getting the LegacyFlo request parameters

  • Clicking the Move to Active button will show you the  LegacyFlo request parameters required to move data from the Inactive to the Active Store.

Requirements and limits for downloading and uploading

Number of simultaneous uploads / downloads: 10

The Largest file that can be uploaded or downloaded: 100GB 

The longest time for which the upload and download is valid: 1 hour  - if the file upload / download is not completed within an hour, the operation has to be retried using a better connection.

Bandwidth requirements:

To upload or download a 100GB file in 1hr, the client needs an internet speed of approx. 30Mbps upload/download

The following table lists the different possibilities:

Upload/Download speed (Mbps) Time limit (hour) Largest file that can be uploaded/downloaded (GB)
30 Mbps 1 hour 100 GB
25 Mbps 1 hour 88 GB
20 Mbps 1 hour 70 GB
15 Mbps 1 hour 53 GB
10 Mbps 1 hour 35 GB
5 Mbps 1 hour 17.5 GB
1 Mbps 1 hour 3.5 GB

Note: Progress bars are shown during uploads and downloads. If the client switches between the inactive store home and uploads page during download and uploads respectively, the download/upload will continue but the client will lose track of any ongoing progress.