Migrate email from GSuite using IMAP

Using the Historical Data Upload Application, you can migrate data from email accounts on GSuite using the IMAP protocol to Vaultastic or SkyConnect.


Before migrating the historical data from GSuite, following settings are required to be configured on GSuite:

  1. Admin should Enable less secure apps to access accounts
  2. Users should enable the access for less secured apps in Gmail Account Setting
  3. Users should confirm the setting in email received from Google Support (Optional)

Step A: Admin should enable less secure apps to access accounts

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.
  2. In your Google Admin console, go to Security Basic settings
  1. Under Less secure apps, select Go to settings for less secure apps
  1. In the sub-window, select the Allow users to manage their access to less secure apps option to allow them to toggle access for less secure apps on or off themselves.

Step B: End users should enable the access for less secured apps in Gmail

    1. Log in to to Gmail account
    2. Go to Google Account > Sign in & Security option
  1. Choose the Apps with account access option
  2. Turn On the option Allow less secure apps

Step C: User should confirm the access

If user receives an an email from Google support with subject Review Blocked sign-in attempt, the user should be asked to do as follows:

  1.  Open the mail 
  2. Click Secure your account
  3. Skip all the steps and navigate to Disable access for less secured apps section and  turn On the Access for less secure apps

On successful configuration of the settings mentioned above, you can Add a migration job with input parameters as defined below.

GSuite Job Parameters

When syncing email data from a mailbox on Gmail, only the Gmail/All Mail folder and its contents will be synced to Vaultastic. This ensure that all mail (except the ones moved to the Trash or Spam folders) from the account are synced to Vaultastic without any duplicates.

When defining jobs to upload email data, the Job type to be selected is GMAILIMAP

The parameters to be used when creating the job are as defined in the table below:

Source user id User id on GSuite domain whose data needs to be imported
(Note: The id should not contain the domain name.)
"john" "john"
Source domain Source domain on GSuite "baya.com" "baya.com"
Source user password Password of the user on the GSuite domain
Source Server IP address or host name of the domain on GSuite "imap.gmail.com" "imap.gmail.com"
Source Server Port

Port on the source server for connection

The default port used for connection using SSL is 993. Change the port value to 143 if you are not using SSL for connection.

"993" (SSL)
"143" (Non SSL)
"993" (SSL)
"143" (Non SSL)
Destination user id The user id on the destination Vaultastic or skyconnect server.
(Note: The id should not contain the domain name.)
"john" "john"
Destination domain Destination domain on Vaultastic or SkyConnect "baya-com.vaultastic.com" "baya.mithiskyconnect.com"
Destination user password Password of the user on Vaultastic or SkyConnect
Destination server Hostname for the domain on Vaultastic or SkyConnect "baya-com.vaultastic.com" "baya.mithiskyconnect.com"
Destination folder Name of the destination folder to be created in the Vaultastic account. Mail will be imported in this folder. This folder will be displayed under INBOX.historical_data.${DESTFOLDER}

 DO NOT use the following reserved names for the name of a Destination folder. (Drafts, Trash, Spam, Chat, Quarantine, Archive).
"Data27092018" "Data27092018"
Send report to mail id Email address which will get the notification after the import is completed. "postmaster@baya.com" "postmaster@baya.com"
Since Date The date after which you want to sync the data. "2017-09-25" "2017-09-25"
Before Date The date before which you want to sync the data. "2018-09-24" "2018-09-24"


  • To upload data from 25 September 2017 to 24 September 2018, specify 2017-09-24 in the Since box and 2018-09-25 in the Before box.
  • To upload data from 25 September 2017 till date, specify 2017-09-24 in the Since box and keep the Before box empty.
  • To upload data upto 24 September 2018, keep the Since box empty and specify 25 September 2018 in the Before box.

CSV file template for multiple GSuite job creation

Create a CSV file with a list of all the users and other details required to upload data. First row of the CSV file should contain field names and from second row provide the list of users and their details.

Following is a sample CSV to upload email data from GSuite to Vaultastic

Note: Please enclose all fields in double quotes


"GMAILIMAP","Upload Data John Smith","john","baya-com.vaultastic.com","password","baya-com.vaultastic.com","DataUploaded25Sep2018","postmaster@baya.com","john","baya.com","password@123","imap.gmail.com","993","25-Sep-2017","24-Sep-2018"

While adding multiple jobs using CSV, you need to mention the since and before date in the format dd-mmm-yyyy. Example: 24-Sep-2018.