What is MyAccount at Mithi? Who can access the MyAccount?

The is accessed using the primary contact email id (registered with us when your domain was provisioned) for your organization.

The primary contact email id will be used to login to your account on Mithi (accessed via which currently gives access to the helpcenter and will be extended to give access to the settings page to update contact & billing information as well as access to the billing portal (coming up next).

In addition, this email id will be used to receive alerts regarding:

  1. License update
  2. Downtime updates
  3. New releases
  4. Invoices
  5. Reports
  6. Security updates, etc.

Which email id is ideal for accessing the MyAccout at Mithi ?

We suggest that you set the primary email contact for your organization to be a generic group (or distribution list) id which will have all the concerned people as members of the group. For example

This will take care of the following:

  1. The login id need not be changed if the primary contact person changes.
  2. Since it is a group id, all the members of the group will receive all the email alerts.

What will be the impact if you confirm to change the login id to access MyAccount?

On changing the login id, the tickets raised using the old id, will not be available under the new login.

Updating the login id will take 1 working day to reflect the changes.