FAQs on using S3 Browser

FAQs on Using S3 Browser to upload data to a S3 bucket

What is S3 Browser?

S3 Browser is a free client interface for users of the Amazon S3 service. It provides an easy to use GUI to manage your buckets and objects.

How to start working with S3 Browser?

Watch a video linked here to know how to start working with S3 Browser app.

How to configure the S3 browser on your machine and create an external bucket‚Äč?

Steps to configure the S3 browser on your machine and create an external bucket

  1. Download the S3 browser from the site https://s3browser.com
  2. Launch the S3 browser App.
    An Add New Account window displays on the screen.
  3. Provide the s3 bucket credentials.
    1. Enter Account Name.  
    2. Provide the Access key ID
    3. Enter the Secret Access Key
    4. Select to enable the Use secure transfer (SSL/TLS) option
    5. Click the Add New Account button to proceed
  4. A warning message displays on the screen saying “You are not allowed to get buckets list. Would you like to add an External Bucket? 
    1. Click Yes to add an external bucket
  5. On the pop-window, enter the bucket name in the format LegacyFloTemporaryStore/{Account name} . DO NOT append the bucket name with the “/” character. For example, LegacyFloTemporaryStore/test-com16052019.

    Click the Add External Bucket button to continue.

How to upload email data files to S3 bucket using S3 Browser ?

Steps to upload email data files

  1. Launch the S3 browser
  2. Click the Upload button and select the Upload file(s) option.
  3. Locate the email data files to be uploaded on your machine.
  4. Click the Open button to upload.

You can view a list of all the uploaded files.

How to check the progress status of files being uploaded on S3 Browser?

As the upload file process begins, a progress bar is shown in the Tasks tab for each file being uploaded. You can track the progress status.

Refer the topic linked here.

How to retry uploading files on S3 browser?

Right-click the tasks in process to view the context menu. The context menu allows you to start, stop, cancel and retry the tasks.

Refer the topic linked here.

How to make sure data is not corrupted traversing the network?

With S3 Browser you can reliably upload and download your files to and from Amazon S3. Enable the Data Integrity check to ensure data is not corrupted during upload process.

Refer the topic linked here.

How to upload large sized files on S3 Browser?

Recently, Amazon S3 introduced a new multi-part upload feature.

You can now break your large files into parts and upload a number of parts in parallel. If the upload of a part fails, you can simply restart it. You can improve your overall upload speed by taking advantage of parallelism.

Multi-part upload feature is enabled by default in S3 Browser Free and Pro. All files larger than 5 Mb will be uploaded via multiple parts in parallel.

Multi-part download feature is also supported by S3 Browser Free and Pro!

But as you already know, Free version is limited up to the 2 simultaneous transfers.

How do I download the files from S3 bucket using S3 Browser?

Refer the topic linked here to know the steps to download files from S3 bucket using S3 browser.

FAQs on Migrating Data Files from S3 bucket to Vaultastic

Why do I have to upload the files to an S3 bucket?

Uploading the file on S3 guarantees that any connection drops between the application and the source of the file does not affect the migration process. For more reasons and the full process of uploading data in PST/EML/MBOX files refer to www.vaultastic.com/migration.

How do I upload the files from which data has to be imported?

Depending on the file size and the Internet connectivity, you can use the S3 browser to upload files to the S3 bucket or use an AWS Snowball.

Why do the EML/MBOX files have to be in a zip format?

Since the files have to be uploaded to S3 before conversion, having them in a ZIP file speeds up the upload process.

Do PST files have to be in a zip format?

No PST files should not be zipped.

What is the maximum size of a ZIP file that can be converted?

The LegacyFlo application accepts ZIP file sizes upto 10-12GB.

Is a TAR or RAR file supported for uploading EML or MBOX data?

No only ZIP files can be used to upload EML or MBOX data.

What is the maximum PST size that can be converted?

The LegacyFlo application supports a max size of 48 GB.

Does LegacyFlo support importing and converting NSF files?

The Notes Storage Facility (NSF) database file is used by (IBM) Lotus Notes and Domino to store different kind of objects like e-mail, appointments and documents, but also application forms and views. Vaultastic can ingest these files, but after conversion to directly supported file format like PST/EML or MBOX. There are commercially available NSF to PST converters which can get this done.



When should I use snowball to copy my data?

This depends on the size of your data and last mile Internet bandwidth available at your environment. Learn more about when to use snowball.

Failed to upload files on S3 browser. What could be the reason?

When you start to upload a file to an S3 bucket on AWS bucket, the status is displayed on the Task bar at the bottom of the screen. The tasks are further classified into Running, Queued, Stopped and Failed. (The All category will show all tasks). The Failed list will show the temporary as well as the permanent failures. To confirm that the upload is in progress, select the Running category. The data to be uploaded and the speed at which the upload is happening with the estimated time left is also shown.

  1. If the speed is slow or zero and there are many entries in the failed category, check your internet upload speed using a freely available speedtest solution. If the speed is not adequate (should show at 2-3 mbps upload speed)
    1. Try from a different Internet connection or workstation.
    2. Confirm with the IT team that there is no throttling on data upload.
  2. If the speed is adequate and the data is still not uploading, you can try the following:
    1. Check if disabling SSL/TLS makes the upload faster (Go to the menu Accounts > Manage Accounts > Select your account > Edit the settings) 
    2. Delete the account and reconfigure using the steps given here. (Go to the menu Accounts > Manage Accounts ) 

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