Vaultastic Version

10th September 2022 : Version

New Feature

A critical security feature of Vaultastic is the audit trails maintained on the key applications of Vaultastic. The system maintains logs that record all the operations performed by authenticated users who manipulate or access data in Vaultastic.

We are happy to introduce the first dashboard in a series of dashboards that will make this information available to you. 

In this release, we have introduced the Vaultastic Inactive Store Audit Trail dashboard which will list all the delete and download operations performed by any authenticated user on a particular day. The dashboard will display critical data such as the user who performed the operation, the name of the file, and the timestamp.

Vaultastic Open Store Audit trails


The admin roles in Vaultastic have been updated. The vaultastic senior admin can download or delete files from the Inactive Store. The junior admin can only download files. Delete operation is disabled for a junior admin.