Vaultastic Version

17th August 2022: Version

New Feature

Vaultastic uses LegacyFlo for the following:

  1. Storage Management Automation - to copy data from Active Sore to the Inactive Store, and to remove Active data which has been copied to the Inactive Store
  2. Remove data from the Active Store for vaults that have been deleted
  3. Full fill end user export requests from the Active Store

As a Vaultastic Domain Administrator, you can use the LegacyFlo Requests Dashboard to check the status of these requests without having to login to the LegacyFlo application.

Vaultastic Domain Administrator uses LegacyFlo Requests Dashboard

Deprecated features

To improve the security and the tracability of email flow, the email features of reply, reply all, forward and 'forward as attachment', have been removed from the eDiscovery Application that allows users to search for and operate on data in the Active Store.

The corresponding security settings in the Admin Panel used to manage the vaults on the Active Store have also been removed.