Inactive Store

The contents of the Inactive Store are files. These files are typically data files such as EML in ZIP, PST, MBOX, or MAILDIR. The contents of the Inactive Store are searchable using the file names. 

When to use the Vaultastic Inactive Store

Case 1: Upload data files to a Cloud Store

If your organization has Legacy Data in PST/EML or other data formats and are looking for a low-cost option to save these files on the Cloud, then the Vaultastic Inactive Store is a good option.

Case 2: You want to reduce the size of mailboxes on the primary store but do not want to make the email data searchable

Suppose you are looking to reduce the mailboxes' size on the primary mail server but have not enabled live mail archiving to Vaultastic Active Store. In that case, you can use LegacyFlo to upload data directly from the mailboxes on the primary mail server to the Inactive Store. 

Case 3: You are looking at reducing the size of Vaults on the Active Store

You have enabled live mail archiving from your mail server to the vaults on the Active Store and now are looking at reducing the Active Storage usage without deleting the data. In this case, you can move data from the Active Store to the Inactive Store using LegacyFlo.

Uploading data to the Vaultastic Inactive Store


Methods of upload

Import Data files - EML / MBOX / MAILDIR / PST 1. S3 browser
2. Snowball
Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) using OAuth LegacyFlo 
Mailboxes accessible using IMAP LegacyFlo
Vaultastic Active Storage LegacyFlo

Methods for Downloading data from Vaultastic Inactive Store


Best Suited for

S3 browser Download individual files
Snowball For bulk download