LegacyFlo Product Specifications

Product Suite

Migrate data between IMAP servers
Import data from data files PST/EML/MBOX to SkyConnect & Vaultastic  
Backup data from accounts to S3


24/7 email and telephone support
On-boarding consultations
99.9% uptime guaranties


Web client support for popular browsers

Migrate data between IMAP servers

Source Server Destination Server
GSuite SkyConnect, Vaultastic, O365
O365 SkyConnect, Vaultastic, GSuite
Yahoo GSuite, O365, Vaultastic, SkyConnect, Other IMAP servers
MS Exchange SkyConnect, Vaultastic
Other IMAP servers SkyConnect, Vaultastic

Data Import

No limit on the source mailbox size
Import mail from all folders
Import all mail or from the selected date range
Average speed of 1 GB/hr

Import from data files

Source Destination
PST SkyConnect, Vaultastic
MBOX SkyConnect, Vaultastic
EML SkyConnect, Vaultastic

Intermediate S3 buckets to hold the source files

Temporary bucket in Mithi AWS account
Bucket in Customer AWS account

Data import

Max file size of 48 GB
Import all email content in the data file
Average speed of 600 MB/hr

Backup to S3

Sources supported

Mailboxes on GMail
Mailboxes on O365
Mailboxes on Yahoo
Mailboxes on SkyConnect
Accounts in Vaultastic

Regions supported