Move data from Vaultastic V4 Active to Inactive Store


Using LegacyFlo you can migrate email data from Vaultastic V4 Active store to the Inactive store

Job types for Active to Inactive

The request type used to submit a LegacyFlo request will depend on the destination data type. The table below gives the details of the request parameters for different destination data file types:

  • Use this request type to migrate data from a Vaultastic (V4) to a PST file.
  • Use this request type to migrate data from a Vaultastic (V4) to a ZIP file.

Active Store details

To know the Active Store details,
  1. Log in with a vault id having an admin role
  2. In the left pane, click on the Vaultastic domain and select Vaults.  The middle pane will show the list of vaults in the selected Vaultastic domain.
  3. Click the vault summary shown in the middle pane
  4. The details pane will now show the details of the selected vault
  5. Get the Vault ID and Vault password

Inactive store details 

To know the inactive store details,

  1. Log in to Vaultastic and navigate to the Inactive store 
  2. Refer to the screenshot below to know where to find the bucket name, folder path,  file names
    • Bucket: The Inactive Store bucket for your domain as displayed on the Inactive Store App 
    • Folder Path: Your Vaultastic domain as displayed on the Inactive Store App 
    • File: The file name on the Inactive Store