Migrate email data stored in PST files

After uploading the data files to S3, the next step in the process is to migrate the data into Vaultastic accounts using the Historical Data Upload application.

For each PST file a separate job has to be defined. Jobs can be submitted manually using the online form or via a CSV file. Use the help given in the following sections to define your jobs. 

PST Job Parameters

When defining a job to migrate data from a PST file uploaded to a S3 buckets, refer to the following table:

File name

PST file name on the S3 bucket

Make sure that there are no forward slashes ("/") at the start or end.

S3 Folder path

The path on the S3 bucket. 

For buckets in your own account, specify the complete path of the S3 bucket with the subfolder. 

If you have uploaded the files to a folder on the S3 bucket in the Mithi account, name of the folder.

(Note: In both the cases, the path should not have the forward slash “/” at the end)

Using your own S3 bucket? 

Enter bucket folder path: 
<<bucket folder path>> 



Using Mithi's S3 bucket?

Enter folder path received in the email to your registered id.


Note: Do not add the '/' characterat the end of S3 Folder path and in the beginning of File Name.

Destination user id The user id on the destination Vaultastic or SkyConnect server.
(Note: The id should not contain the domain name.)
john.smith (To upload data to john.smith@baya-com.vaultastic.com)
Destination domain Destination domain on Vaultastic or SkyConnect baya-com.vaultastic.com
Destination user password Password of the user on Vaultastic or SkyConnect
Destination server Hostname for the domain on Vaultastic or SkyConnect baya-com.vaultastic.com
Destination folder Name of the destination folder to be created in the Vaultastic account. Mail will be imported in this folder. This folder will be displayed under INBOX.historical_data.${DESTFOLDER}

 DO NOT use the following reserved names for the name of a Destination folder. (Drafts, Trash, Spam, Chat, Quarantine, Archive).
Send report to mail id Email address which will get the notifications postmaster@baya.com

CSV file template for multiple job creation

To upload muliple jobs using a CSV, create a CSV file with a list of all the users and other details required to upload data.

First row of the CSV file should contain field names(use from the sample below) and from second row onwards provide the list of users and their details.

PST,Upload PST John_Smith,john,baya-com.vaultastic.com,password@1,baya-com.vaultastic.com,DataUpload23022018,postmaster@baya.com,john_smith.pst,baya23022018

 Make sure the S3 Folder Path and Destination folder name values do not contain a backslash character (“/”).