Roll out of Mithi Customer Account V2

Link to download a copy of the presentation

We recently upgraded the capability of your Mithi Account customer portal to improve your experience further while engaging with us and our services. 

Our goal is to continually automate our business processes and give you the tools to control your use of our services from a "single pane of glass."


In the new release of your Mithi Account, we integrated the "Billing desk" console into the Mithi Account to allow you to view your invoices, pay them directly from the console and access your consolidated account statement. 

In addition, we made it possible for you to define additional contacts to manage the billing and technical aspects of your service consumption.

These new capabilities and several other enhancements empower you and your teams with more control, reducing any back and forth communication to access and update information. They are thus saving time, reducing (human) errors, and speeding up the activity.


This webinar shows these new capabilities and answers your queries. Specifically

  • What's new in your Mithi Account portal v2
  • How each of these new capabilities works
  • Assigning team members to specific roles to manage your account
  • Updating your organisation's KYC information directly
  • Q & A 


Aditi is one of the co-founders at Mithi. She has been leading product development for almost 15 years and with an overall experience of nearly 3 decades working with technology, creating widely used products and managing operations. Aditi is the most sought after person for technical advice. She regularly contributes to Mithi's technology blog.