Moving data between Active and Inactive stores


When you set journaling rules on your primary server, the data is uploaded to the Vaultastic Active Store. This data is immediately searchable. 

If your usage does not require you to keep older data immediately accessible, you can move data from the Active to Inactive store and then remove it from the Active Store. Whenever required, data can be copied to the Active Store for discovery and removed when the task is over.

This helps keep the size of the Active Store in control without compromising on the safety of the data.

Moving data from Active to Inactive store

You can set a monthly process to move data from the Active Store to the Inactive Store using the LegacyFlo application as follows:

  1. Log in to Vaultastic Admin Panel
  2. Get the list of vaults
  3. Log in to LegacyFlo
  4. For every vault whose contents need to be uploaded to the InActive Store, define a LegacyFlo job

  1. From the requests list, search for the requests you submitted and start to execute all
  2. Monitor the execution process. Refer to the stages in the upload process.

Moving data from Inactive to Active store

If you are required to make data in the Inactive Store discoverable, it has to be first moved to the Active Storage. We highly recommend that data should be attached to a new vault so that it can be deleted after the discovery process is complete. The steps for doing so are given below:

  1. Login to Vaultastic Admin panel
  2. Create a vault. Vault name should be in the format user-mm-yyyy. We recommend not to restore to the original vault. For example, amin-03-2019, amit.patil-04-2018.
  3. Assign Self Service access to the Vault
  4. Navigate to the Inactive Store app. Get the details of the LegacyFlo request to be submitted.
  5. Login to LegacyFlo
  6. Submit and execute the LegacyFlo data migration request
  7. Once you finish working with the Vault, go to the Vaultastic application and delete the Vault from the active store.