How you can Leverage Mithi's flexible billing models to optimize costs?

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About this webinar

We frequently find customers outgrowing their original purchase of Mithi's services and products, during their contract term.

This is a good sign indicating that our customers are growing their business (and our tools are part of their growth story).

At the same time, we come across customers who need to use some of our services on demand, such as for migrating data, or exporting information, and more.

Listening to you and along the way we introduced flexible options to bill you for our services matching your needs as closely as possible, allowing you to only pay for what you consume.

Mithi's flexible billing options include

  • contracts to cover customers who are mostly steady in their use during the year
  • contracts with variable monthly billing to cover any excess during the month
  • pay per use for customers who are very agile and unsure of their consumption patterns
  • AWS contracts for customers buying off the AWS marketplace

In this webinar, we dive deep into these models and show you how you can leverage any one or a combination of these to optimize your Mithi's service and product costs.

In this webinar, we have covered

  1. Introduction to the Billing models for Mithi's services
  2. Choosing the right billing model to optimize your costs
  3. Important considerations regarding excess consumption
  4. Answers to your queries


Aditi Malaviya

Aditi is one of the co-founders at Mithi. She has been leading product development for almost 15 years and with an overall experience of nearly 3 decades working with technology, creating widely used products and managing operations. Aditi is the most sought after person for technical advice. She regularly contributes to Mithi's technology blog.