How to reduce mailbox size and protect email data with LegacyFlo

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About this webinar

There are several reasons to backup email data:

  1. To reduce data related risks and ensure compliance readiness
  2. To reduce the active mailbox size and improve performance
  3. To transfer knowledge during a role transition
  4. To guard against data theft and tampering and many more

You may also need to backup data during operations such as:

  1. The movement to a new laptop/desktop
  2. Backup the contents of a mailbox before deleting the account from the server.

Backup and Archiving are two core strategies to help you safe guard your data, build a corporate archive and improve your compliance posture.

Watch the webinar to learn how the Legacyflo migration solution and the Vaultastic platform can help you reduce risks, improve performance and get compliance ready.

In this webinar we covered:

  1. How to move the contents of a mailbox to a Vaultastic account, hands free, using LegacyFlo
  2. How to download the contents of a mailbox (from SkyConnect or any other mail solution into a local store, using Legacyflo


Aditi Malaviya

Aditi is one of the co-founders at Mithi. She has been leading product development for almost 15 years and with an overall experience of nearly 3 decades working with technology, creating widely used products and managing operations. Aditi is the most sought after person for technical advice. She regularly contributes to Mithi's technology blog.