Step 1: Define an SMTP Connector to route mail from Office 365 to Vaultastic

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Configuring Office 365 SMTP settings for mail routing is a one-time job. If you have already set up an SMTP connector to route mail from Office 365 to Vaultastic, you can skip this step and go to the next step.

To configure multiple O365 domains within the organization for archiving in Vaultastic, this step has to be done for each of the O365 domain. The SMTP connector for each domain will have to be configured using the journal id corresponding to the Vaultastic domain, which will receive mail for the O365 domain.

  1. Log in to the Office 365 admin interface using valid credentials and navigate to the Admin window.

  2. Select the Exchange Admin window.

  3. Select the mail flow > Connectors tab and Add a SMTP or mail flow connector for the Vaultastic server.

  4. Specify your mail flow scenario as From : O365 to Your Organization’s email server.

  5. Give Name and brief Description to the mail flow connector which will describe the working of the connector.

  6. Decide to use the connector Only when email messages are sent to these domains.

    Click the + sign to add domain names for which connector will be used.

    Specify domain names in the format {domain-name}

    For example: If the name of your Office 365 domain is or then domain name for the corresponding Vaultastic domain will be /

    The details of your Vaultastic domain would have been shared with you in the welcome mail, when your domain was created on Vaultastic.

    – Click OK to add domain names for which connector will be used.

    – Go to the Next step.

  7. Specify smart host name to which Office 365 will deliver messages.

    Click the + sign to add the smart host details.

    Specify the DNS name as per the Vaultastic version you are configuring

    For Vaultastic V3:

    For Vaultastic V4:

    Save the host name.

    Go to the Next step.

  8. Select the option Always use the TLS to secure the connection to the Vaultastic server.

    – Choose the option Any digital certificates, including self-signed certificates

    – Go to the Next step.

  9. If all the settings provided for the configuration are correct, go to the Next step or go Back and change the settings.

  10. Validate the connector to make sure if it works as expected by sending a test message to the journal id of the Vaultastic domain.

    Click the + sign to add the journal id of your Vaultastic domain.

    Specify journal id as journal@{domain-name} and click OK.

    Example: For the domain, the journal id will be

    Validate the connectivity to your Vaultastic domain.

    Close the window to exit the validation process.

    On successful validation, Save the connector.

    NoteIn case,  if the SMTP connector fails to send a test email, save the connector and proceed with the next steps.

    You can see the defined connector in the list of connectors.