Configure Vaultastic Reports

Note: From the release of Vaultastic Version 4 (V4), users of a Vaultastic domain are called vaults.  If your domain is hosted on Vaultastic Version 3, substitute "vault" with "user" when referring to the instructions in this document. 

Types of Vaultastic Reports

Usage Summary Report

As the name suggests, the Usage Summary Report gives a summary of the Vaultastic domain. The summary includes the details as mentioned below. The report includes statistics of the time period mentioned in the report. (Usually a month prior to the report generation date.)

Access Report

The Vaultastic Access report gives you the total number of vaults that were accessed at least once in the given period. The report also has CSV attached with the list of Vaults and corresponding Vault id details for each.

You can subscribe to receive the Access Report in your mailbox using the Vaultastic Admin Panel.

Vault Creation Report

The Vault Creation report gives you the total number of vaults provisioned manually and automatically on your Vaultastic domain.

If you have enabled the Auto Vault Creation option for your domain, Vaultastic will automatically create Vaultastic accounts for Vaults. Vault creation is triggered when a mail sent or received by a user on the primary domain reaches the Vaultastic servers.

The details of the vaults created are available in a CSV attached to the mail.

You can subscribe to receive the Vault Creation Report in your mailbox using the Vaultastic Admin Panel.

Storage Usage Report

The Vaultastic Storage Usage report gives you the total storage used by all the accounts on your Vaultastic domain. You can subscribe to receive the storage usage report in your mailbox.

The attached CSV will give the breakup of storage usage across the accounts of your Vaultastic domain.

You can subscribe to receive the active users' report in your mailbox using the Vaultastic Admin Panel.

Missing Vaults Report

A missing Vault on Vaultastic is one that does not have a Vaultastic account, but mails for or from the user were sent to Vaultastic for archival. This can happen if you missed adding the Vaultastic account on your Vaultastic domain or the mail was meant for another user but had the missing vault-id either in the sender or recipient fields.

Mails for missing vaults are not archived.

The total number of unique vaults for whom the emails were dropped and the total number of mail dropped in the given period is mentioned in the report.

Use the missing vault report to confirm that all the important Vaultastic accounts are created on your Vaultastic domain. You can also use the Automatic Vault Creation feature to create the vaults as soon as the mails hit the Vaultastic servers.

The CSV attached gives a list of Vaultastic accounts for whom emails were dropped a day prior to the generation of the report.

You can subscribe to receive the Missing Vaults report in your mailbox using the Vaultastic Admin Panel.

Subscribe to a Vaultastic report

  1. Log in to the Vaultastic application using Vault ID with the admin rights 
  2. Navigate to Admin Panel > Domain > Reports
  3. Set report frequency to NeverDaily, or Weekly. Reports will be sent to the email id used to register the domain at the requested frequency.