Office 365

Configure your O365 domain to archive mail from your primary email domain to Vaultastic using three simple steps.


Step 1: Define an SMTP Connector to route mail from Office 365 to Vaultastic
Configuring Office 365 SMTP settings for mail routing is a one-time job. If you have already set up an SMTP connector to route mail from Office 365 to  Vaultastic , you can skip this step and go to the next step. To conf...
Step 2: Define a recipient for Non-Delivery Reports
If you are configuring journal rules for the first time, you need to specify the alternate Journaling recipient for undeliverable journal reports. If a journal report can’t be delivered to the Journaling mailbox specified in a Journal rule, n...
Step 3: Configure Journaling in Office 365 for All Users or Selected users
  Configure the Journal Rule for all the users Configure Journaling in Office 365 to archive email messages sent or received by all users of your office 365 domain is a 2 steps process Navigate to th...