Email forwarding is risky! Are you using the right method in the right way?

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About this webinar

Forwarding of email is a commonly used practice on most mailing platforms to automate workflow, preserve data in an alternate account, and more.

An analysis of our customer support interactions shows several conversations where the forwarding of email has caused data related risks for our customers. This includes data theft, Trojan horse embeds, eavesdropping, amongst others.

In addition, we also observed cases, where the forwarding of email is not given its due recognition as an internal security threat, which can go largely unnoticed.

Did you know that there are 9 different USES for forwarding of email and 6 different ways to forward an email?

Of the 45 potential combinations possible with forwarding of an email:

How do you decide the correct method for your specific requirement, keeping your security in check?

In this webinar our expert has demystified email forwarding and equipped you with tools to help you decide the correct use of each method.

In this Webinar, we covered:

  1. Reasons to forward an email
  2. Different methods of forwarding email (from SkyConnect)
  3. Applying the correct method to each use case
  4. Alternatives to forwarding
  5. FAQ Session: Your queries answered


Aditi Malaviya
Co-founder & CTO
Mithi Software Technologies.
Email Data Management in the cloud- Simplified