Step 2: Create a group of users on GSuite for whom archiving on Vaultastic has to be enabled

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All the users you select for the GSuite group must be provisioned on the corresponding Vaultastic domain.

If you add a user who does not have a corresponding id on the Vaultastic domain, email messages sent to or received from that user will not be archived on Vaultastic domain.

  1. Go to the Home screen of the GSuite Admin Console.

    Click the MORE CONTROLS > Groups option.

    You can drag and drop the Groups icon in the dashboard for easy access.

  2. Create Group of users on your domain hosted on GSuite.

  3. Give a Name and set Email Address to the group.

    Create the group with the details provided.

  4. Select the newly created group from the list to Manage Users in it.

  5. Type email addresses of the users.

  6. Add users as members of the group.

  7. Verify if the users added to the group are correct.