Why does LegacyFlo require a S3 bucket?

There are two ways as described below:

  1. Importing data to SkyConnect/Vaultastic:
    1. When importing data from a data-file to a Vaultastic or SkyConnect account, the data-file has to be first uploaded to a temporary S3 store.
    2. LegacyFlo picks the data file from the S3 bucket to migrate to the SkyConnect or Vaultastic account.
  2. Backup to S3: LegacyFlo can be used to backup the contents of a mailbox to a S3 bucket.

Do I need to create my own S3 bucket or can Mithi provide one?

  1. Importing data to SkyConnect/Vaultastic:
    1. If you already have your data-files stored in a S3 bucket in your account, LegacyFlo can directly connect to the bucket in your account. (Refer: How to upload data to the bucket in your account?)
    2. If the data is in your data center or on end point storage and needs to be uploaded to a S3, use the S3 bucket credentials (LegacyFloTemporaryStore) shared with you when your LegacyFlo account was provisioned. Note that data on the LegacyFloTemporaryStore is maintained only for a month. (Refer: How to upload data to bucket in the Mithi account?)
  2. Backup to S3:
    1. We recommend that you create your own S3 bucket in your own AWS account.
    2. However, we also offer managed S3 services (VaultasticLegacyStore) which you can avail of. Contact our sales team for the details.

Which region should the S3 bucket be in?

  1. Importing data to SkyConnect/Vaultastic:
    • If you are using the S3 bucket as a temporary store to upload the data files whose content is to be imported to a SkyConnect/Vaultastic account, the bucket should be in the same region as the servers on which your domain is hosted.
  2. Backup to S3:
    • If you are creating a bucket to backup your email data, choose one of the regions supported by LegacyFlo.
    • If you wish to backup to a region not mentioned, please contact our sales team.

What is a AWS S3?

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is a scalable, high-speed, web-based cloud storage service designed for online backup and archiving of data and applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Why do I need a S3 with LegacyFlo?

You need a S3 bucket when

1. When you want to migrate data from data files such as PST, EML and MBOX. S3 is used as a TEMPORARY Store to upload the data files.

2. When you need to backup email data from IMAP accounts on a cloud storage. Here S3 is used as a cloud storage.

How do I get an AWS account?

You can create an AWS account from the Amazon web services home page.

How do I create a S3 bucket?

Refer to the documentation of the Amazon Simple Storage Service to create a bucket in a region supported by LegacyFlo.

In which regions can I create a S3 bucket?

When creating a S3 bucket as a temporary store to upload the PST/EML/MBOX data files, the following regions are supported:

  • ap-south-1
  • ap-southeast-1

When creating a S3 bucket to hold the backup of mailboxes, the following regions are supported:

  • ap-south-1
  • ap-southeast-1
  • us-east-1

My region is not listed here. Can Mithi provide support?

Yes. Please write to us requesting for region support at sales at mithi dot com. 

How do I grant access to my S3 bucket to LegacyFlo?

To grant access to the LegacyFlo application

  1. Login to your AWS account
  2. From the AWS interface, choose the S3 bucket
  3. Select the S3 buckets. In Permissions, select Access Control list and Access for other AWS Accounts. Click on Add Account. For the email address or canonical ID, specify "support@mithi.com" OR 68e54d0e86301b5610c1ee44329401e62d8e0ff197bbac5734885c80fa216f28
  4. For Read permission(when you want to upload data from data files), Enable List & Read Objects.
  5. For Write permission(when you what to backup email), Enable List & Write Objects.
  6. Click on Save

Can I revoke the permissions given to LegacyFlo to access my S3 bucket?

Yes, after the migration is over you can revoke the access.

How do I download files from S3 bucket using AWS console?

Refer the Amazon S3 Console User Guide to know the steps.