Preparation for Gmail Accounts 

Before migrating the historical data from a GSuite mailbox using the less secure access method, the  end-user has to enable the less secure apps access as given in the steps below:

  1. Users should enable access for less secured apps in Gmail Account Setting
  2. Users should confirm the setting in the email received from Google Support 
  3. Configure Gmail for sharing or sync

Step A: End users should enable access for less secured apps in Gmail

  1. Log in to to Gmail account
  2. Go to Google Account > Sign in & Security option
  3. Choose the Apps with account access option
  4. Turn On the option Allow less secure apps

Step C: User should confirm the access

If the user receives an email from Google support with subject Review Blocked sign-in attempt, the user should be asked to do as follows:

  • Open the mail
  • Click Secure your account
  • Skip all the steps and navigate to Disable access for less secured apps section and  turn On the Access for less secure apps

Step D: Configure Gmail for sharing or sync

IMAP sync of Gmail requires that IMAP is full enabled. And here is how to check if your Gmail has IMAP enabled:

  1. Log into your Gmail account at
  2. Go to your Gmail settings and select “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” (the direct link should be verify the following:
    1. Enable IMAP” should be selected.
    2. Do not limit the number of messages in an IMAP folder” should be selected.
    3. Save the above settings.
  3. Go to the “Labels” tab (the direct link should be:
    1. Verify that “All Mail” have “Show in IMAP” enabled.
    2. If you are syncing emails from a label or sharing a label, you need to ensure that label and all sub-labels in that label have IMAP enabled.

Source information (Gmail)

User IDUser id on Gmail domain whose data needs to be imported
(Note: The id should not contain the domain name.)
DomainSource domain on Gmail""
PasswordPassword of the user on the Gmail domain
Note: Passwords cannot contain special characters mentioned in the list given here. Update the password before submitting the request.
ServerIP address or host name of the domain on Gmail""
Source Server Port

Port on the source server for connection

Note: When syncing email data from a mailbox on Gmail, only the Gmail/All Mail folder and its contents will be synced. This ensure that all mail (except the ones moved to the Trash or Spam folders) from the account are synced without any duplicates.

Source Filter information

Since (YYYY-MM-DD)Start date from which to sync mail.
The mail transacted AFTER the start date and BEFORE the end date will be synced.
Before (YYYY-MM-DD)End date till which to sync mail.
The mail transacted AFTER the start date and BEFORE the end date will be synced.

Destination information (S3 Bucket)




S3 Bucket Name Select the name of the destination bucket configured 

Using your own S3 bucket?

Your own S3 bucket

Using the temporary LegacyFlo S3 bucket?


Using S3 bucket in Vaultastic V4 Inactive store?


For your credentials refer to the topic:  What are the credentials to access an S3 bucket?

Destination folder

The folder in the S3 bucket where the zip file will be created


Zip filename

Name of the file. Choose a name that will help you retrieve the data

Other Information

 Send report to Email id on which job notifications will be sent

Want to submit multiple jobs using CSV?

To upload multiple jobs using a CSV, create a CSV file with a list of all the users and other details required to upload data.