Yahoo IMAP

Yahoo Request Parameters

When syncing email data from a mailbox on Yahoo, All Mail folders and its contents will be synced. This ensure that all mail (except the ones moved to the Trash or Spam folders) from the account are synced without any duplicates.

When submitting requests to upload email data, the Request type to be selected must have Yahoo as a source. 

Yahoo as the source

The parameters to be used when Yahoo is the source are as follows:

Source user id User id on Yahoo domain whose data needs to be imported
(Note: The id should not contain the domain name.)
Source domain Source domain on Yahoo  ""
Source user password Password of the user on the Yahoo domain
Note: Passwords cannot contain special characters mentioned in the list given here. Update the password before submitting the request.
Source Server IP address or host name of the domain on Yahoo  ""
Source Server Port

Port on the source server for connection


CSV file template for multiple Yahoo request creation

Create a CSV file with a list of all the users and other details required to upload data. First row of the CSV file should contain field names and from second row provide the list of users and their details.