Preparation for GSuite by enabling domain-wide delegation using OAuth service

  1. Login to G-suite Admin account and navigate to Google developers console 
  2. From the left pane, select Service Accounts.
  3. Click CREATE to create new project. 
  4. Create a project 
    1. On the New project window, provide Project name, Organization and Location a
    2. Click Create.
  5. Create a service account
    1. On the top pane, click to CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT.
    2. On the service account details window, provide Service account name.
    3. Click CREATE then Continue to proceed
  6. Create a key
    1. Click CREATE KEY
    2. Select the JSON format option
    3. Click CREATE
    4. A notification will be shown to let you know the json file is downloaded on your machine. Close the notification to proceed.
  7. Enable GSuite domain-wide delegation
    1. In the list of Service accounts, click the Actions menu (depicted as three dots) in front of the latest created service account. Click Edit to update settings
    2. Scroll down and select the check-box to Enable GSuite domain-wide delegation
    3. Provide Product name for the consent screen
    4. Click Save to update the changes
  8. Copy Client ID
    1. On the service accounts window, scroll right to view the Domain-wide delegation column 
    2. Click the View Client ID link
    3. Copy the Client ID 
    4. Click Cancel to exit
  9. Register and authorize the API client to access data 
    1. Navigate to the GSuite admin > Security settings
    2. Go to Advanced Settings > Authentication
    3. Click the Manage API client access link
    4. On the Manage API client access window, paste the client id which you have copied earlier.
    5. In the API scope, provide the string 
    6. Click the Authorize button.

This completes the process of enabling the domain-wide delegation for GSuite.

10. Share the key with mithi via a helpdesk ticket to configure in LegacyFlo.