Self Service Portal for End Users

Why can’t a user access her Vaultastic account using a POP/IMAP client?

To improve the security and at the same time maintain simplicity, data can be accessed using the easy to use and intuitive self service portal on Vaultastic (web interface).

How does an end user retrieve mail from Vaultastic?

For a end user to retrieve mail from Vaultastic, he has to login to the Vaultastic web client and export selected mail into a PST or EML format. PST files can be directly imported into Outlook.

What will the Vaultastic id and password of the user be?

  • The Vaultastic id of the user will be in the format primary-id@<domain-name>
  • Users logging in for the first time have to set the password by clicking the Forgot Password link on the login page .

How to control the access to eDiscovery data?

The eDiscovery interface is available to all users from the self service portal. However the data visible in the eDiscovery application depends on two factors.

  1. Whether the user's data is indexed. This is decided depending on the Plan
  2. The list of user's whose indexed data is visible to a user.

A user assigned a senior admin role can control the access to the indexed data.

As an administrator, can I search through a user's archive?

If you have a senior admin role, there are two ways you can look through a user’s archive.

1. By resetting the user’s Vaultastic account password and logging into her account OR
2. Configuring your account to view the user’s email in the eDiscovery view.