Manual user provisioning

Does the Vaultastic admin need to provision users on the Vaultastic domains?

Yes. For live email archiving or uploading legacy email data, the target accounts have to be provisioned on Vaultastic. For details on how to provision users manually or automatically, refer to the Provision Users topic.

How many users can be provisioned on a Vaultastic domain?

The number of users in a Vaultastic domain are limited by the number of licensed users for your organization. The total number of users across all your domains cannot exceed the licensed users count.

What is the postmaster account in a Vaultastic domain?

The postmaster account is a system account which is automatically created for each Vaultastic domain. If you login with the credentials of this account, you can manage the domain and user properties. This user has been assigned the senior admin role. In addition, the postmaster account of your first Vaultastic domain is also the admin for all the other Vaultastic domains in your account.

Is the postmaster user counted as a licensed user?

No, the postmaster account is a system account and is not counted as a licensed user.