Downloading data from Vaultastic

Retrieving one mail at a time

Single mail can be downloaded or forwarded using the Archive or the eDiscovery view by end users logging into their vaults

Retrieving mail in bulk

For bulk retrieval, there are two options available

The comparison between these 2 options is as given below:

 eDiscovery in Vaultastic  LegacyFlo
Access to the feature Available to all Hold, Tracer or Durability users in Vaultastic via the eDiscovery interface Available to the administrators of the organization via the MITHI-S3-ZIP request.
Output format EML or PST in zip files EML in zip files
Content The search results are exported.
Depending on the search, the contents can be across folders.
Depending on the user access the content can be across vaults.
The content of a single vault is exported with a single LegacyFlo request.  
To download from multiple vaults, multiple requests will have to be submitted.
Can export entire vault content or narrow down by specifying date range and source folder.
Mail Size Limits If the search results contain mail  greater than10MB, they will be skipped No limits on mail size
Export size limit 5 GB
The export is not allowed if the search result size is more than 5GB
No limit
Zip size limit Configurable.
If the total export is greater than the max size, multiple zip files are created
A single zip file will be created
Access to the exported content The links to exported content is shared via email. The links are valid for 7 days. The exported content is created in an S3 bucket in your account and can be downloaded using a tool such as S3browser.
(For long-running jobs)
Not Available Available via LegacyFlo interface
Performance Medium Fast
Cost As per LegacyFlo export As per LegacyFlo backup to S3 cost
Best suited for Vaultastic end users wanting to retrieve a few mail found using the eDiscovery interface Admins wanting to retrieve entire vault contents or a large number of mails.

How long does an export from the eDiscovery view take?

When a user submits an export request from Vaultastic, the request enters a queue of requests that are to be scheduled. A request will remain in the queue until it can be scheduled for processing which in turn depends on the number of requests being already processed and the maximum concurrency threshold. For example, if the threshold is 5, only 5 simultaneous export requests can be running. 

Once the number of requests in execution falls below the threshold, requests from the queue are scheduled for execution.

When execution on your requests start, you will receive an intimation via mail. 

The time taken for an export request to complete will depend on the size of the data to be exported. Typically, to export 3 GB of data will take 1 hour.