FAQs on Migrate email data using IMAP

When should I use IMAP sync option?

The IMAP Sync option can only be used if the mail to be migrated resides in an IMAP mailbox. To help you decide on the best strategy for you, refer to the www.vaultastic.com/migration page.

Will I know which mail did not get uploaded?

The LegacyFlo application can inform you on the number of mail in Vaultastic after sync. It will not be able to identify the exact mail which did not get synced.

How long does the migration take?

The time taken to sync mail from an IMAP server to Vaultastic using LegacyFlo depends on factors such as:

a. Speed of the IMAP server

b. Rate limits at the IMAP server.

On average, an IMAP sync request takes approximately 1 hr to migrate 3GB of data.

For details on the stages of migration and the estimated time in each stage, refer to this FAQ.

Why don't the counts in the source and destination match?

In some rare cases, the conversion tool may not be able to convert source mail files to a Vaultastic compatible format. In such a case the mail will be skipped.

If we resubmit the request, will there be duplication on the destination server?

If a failed request is restarted, there will be no duplication. However if a processed request is resubmitted with the same destination folder, then there will be mail duplication on Vaultastic.

What are the source IMAP servers supported?

LegacyFlo supports all IMAP servers and has been tested with GSuite, O365 and SkyConnect. If you need support for other IMAP servers, do contact us and we would be happy to help.

Why don't the counts in the source and destination match?

When syncing from a live mail box using IMAP, any changes to the state of the mailbox after the sync has started will affect the actual mails being synced.

For example if new mail arrive after a sync request has started, they may not get synced. Similarly mail deleted or moved between the start and end time of a sync request may not get synced.

In addition, in some rare cases the conversion tool may not be able to migrate certain mail due to their structure. Such mail will be skipped.